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How My Romantic Partnership Would Work

Any relationship is tricky. Try putting a disability in the mix. As I look up to YouTube couples who have disabilities, I have hope. However, these couples have one person who has a disability with their partner being the total caregiver. I am looking for a partner in crime.

I am actually really independent despite my physical needs. I hire personal care assistants who rotate around the clock forming 24/7 care. When I am with my family, I can be only the family member providing support and love without having to rely on them for my physical needs. That is the same thing I am looking for when it comes to a romantic partnership.

You may think it is awkward to have your personal care assistants around you all the time. On the job, they are not glued to my side. In fact, it is in their job description to stay in the shadows. Quite often, my assistants are in the other room waiting until I call them to come.

With that being said, I actually want my partner to feel free to help me with easy tasks like helping me eat sometimes. I want to be able to send my assistants home when my partner stays the night, especially living in a one-room college dorm. When I get my next place after living in a college dorm, I will make sure I have a private bedroom, so I don’t have to send my assistants home. It is so important to get alone time as a couple.

From my previous romantic relationships, I have a good idea about what my future relationships will be like. I know that I don’t know exactly how it would work with every single relationship I have, but I cannot wait to find out!


3 thoughts on “How My Romantic Partnership Would Work

  1. What an inspiring post, Megan! Knowing yourself and what you want is so very important, especially when it comes to finding your partner. Some lucky person out there is going to come your way, and I can’t wait to meet them!

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