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I am fluent in Morse Code now!!!

Do you remember my post “Another Way I Communicate With My Eyes: Morse Code” about how I use short and long blinks to communicate? I used to have to use business cards as a cheat sheet. As of today, I am proud to announce that I am now fluent in Morse Code! I even put it on my resume!!!

I discovered a page that groups together letters that I edited and printed out posters putting them all over my dorm. This allows other people to find the letters from my blinking so much faster than the alphabetical sheets and business cards.

As well as having a better page, I also found an app that would translate Morse Code when the other person types dots or dashes into. It is called the Morse Code Translator. This can be way faster than the cheat sheet especially now that I am fluent. I know numbers in Morse Code plus I am learning punctuation. The app knows every character instead of having my poster cheat sheet with only the alphabet. However, my favorite app to use is only on android. So, I usually give my phone to whomever is helping me that day when I am without my computer to communicate.

When I first started learning Morse Code, I was learning it with my home health assistant. She knows all the letters as well. This lets us have the capability to have a whole full conversation without my computer! I can speak in sentences in Morse Code with her! Even my parents are shocked about how fast we can communicate. It can sometimes be faster than my computer.

I hope by sharing my story it will help other people just like me to communicate when they are in a situation where they don’t have any other device to have. Keep in mind, it does not have to be blinking. People can use whatever capability they have. For example, you can raise up either hand to represent a dot and then raise the other hand for a dash as well as looking up or down.

Using Morse Code is really adaptable! Anyone can!


4 thoughts on “I am fluent in Morse Code now!!!

  1. Eeekkkk!!! This is SUPER EXCITING!!!! I remember when you were little and we would play the “love you more” game with our eyes as you were being loaded on the bus for school! Do you remember that? I’m so proud of you!! I love you…more!

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  2. Oh my gosh I love this! I would love to learn more about were to go to find the app and info to learn how to communicate this way. I am so excited for you. I can see this opening yet another door of opportunity for you! You go girl!

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  3. Dear Meghan, I love your Super Hero powers. Thanks for inspiring and educating us. You are amazing, and I deeply admire your strength, and determination. Every day you try something new, how lovely…

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  4. Wow Megan – this is very cool! Communication is so important and I’m excited you’ve mastered Morse Code! It would be fun to see a video of you doing it.

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