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Rocking Undercut Designs

B2d8d3a01947874679a8f9bf340ede375c965ae83-2eing in my wheelchair all day, the back of my head is constantly rubbing against my headrest. This can cause the back of my hair to get tangled. Brushing was becoming a painful task that I had to do quite often. Sometimes the headrest even would rub some of my hair off. Ultimately, I needed something better.

I get undercut designs that cover the back of my head all the way up to my bun or ponytail. This is ingenious! I am saving my hair while rocking a cool hip style!

I go to Rick’s Barber Shop. My barber is Derrick Asher. I just love his designs! They are amazing! 


3 thoughts on “Rocking Undercut Designs

  1. Oh my yes and you’ve got so much beautiful thick hair to play with those fun designs! Your stylist must love working with you!


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