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Blog Platform Switch

I have been blogging ever since the age of 14 and I absolutely love it. The first blogging platform was Blogspot. Although it was a great beginner blogging platform, I decided that I needed to grow my blog to be more professional. Starting in the summer of 2022, I decided to change platforms.

At first, I wanted to switch to Wix because that is the main platform for my actual website, After doing my research, I found that WordPress was the way to go. I could import all of my previous blogs plus even comments from my BlogSpot blog. I was thinking about switching my Wix website platform to WordPress as well. However, Wix is easier to work with than WordPress for an actual website. So, I decided to name my blog to give it the same ring as my website name. I even applied for ads to be on it making blogging an income job.

Although I can’t promise to blog every week with me being a busy college student, I want to blog and share my experience living with Cerebral Palsy every chance I get!


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