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Not Able To Speak

Talking to your friends, sharing secrets, and making jokes are all normal when having a sleepover. Unfortunately when you have to type everything with your eyes, it can be hard.

When you have a sleepover, you always, of course, go swimming. The pool is where girls talk mostly. What if you couldn’t talk or take a device to talk for you? Would you get out because you are frustrated you couldn’t tell your friends something? I have this problem every time I get in the pool. My friends don’t usually have a conversation with me in the pool because I can’t respond back. So, they talk to someone else in the pool.

In a conversation at a big sleepover, you have to respond fast to have people understand you. I can’t respond within just seconds. I have to type with my eyes, which takes about a minute. When I do respond, my friends are on a different topic and think I am weird.

Being not able to speak by yourself can be hard. The more I try, the more I get frustrated. People don’t realize how important conversations are for me. I just wish that I could speak.

One thought on “Not Able To Speak

  1. I understand the frustration you must feel. In time you will have a group of friends that will understand the need to wait for your responses and also you will find some that are able to read your eyes and facial movements to know what you want to say or even that you want to respond and they will take the time to figure out what you want to say. I have learned with some of my students that use an alternate way of communicating that I can learn to read their physical responses almost as well as their family can. Keep up your great blog. I enjoy hearing what you have to say.


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