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Camp Smiles

Living at the age of 14 is hard enough. What if you had a disability? Would you go to a regular summer camp? Luckily, there’s a big camp site where any disabled people can go called Camp For All. Each week / weekend is a different kind of camp where certain disabled people come. For example, my camp is Camp Smiles. Camp Smiles is for kids up to 14 that have cerebral palsy. Camp For All is like a regular camp. We do archery, paintball, swimming, ziplines, and etc.

Jessica and Me

I started to go when I was only 6 years old. I had the same camp buddy the first 2 years. But then I met my buddy that helped me for 6 years. Her name is Jessica McKinney. Jessica first did this camp to get some hours for her class. Unfortunately, within an hour at camp, she did it for our love that we share.

Kendall and Me
There’s more people that I want to mention. First, Kendall Bentsen was the craziest girl at camp. Kendall would type on my DynaVox that I wanted to horseback ride with the really cute
cowboy. When she played that message, I got so red. Unfortunately, when I came back from riding, I was smiling from ear to ear.

Margaret and Me

Margaret Johnson was my old cabin leader. Margaret was always there for me when I needed help. She wouldn’t let us be late to the activities. She would also make me try everything which I needed. However, when I try something that she made me do, I would always love it.

Amanda and Me

Amanda Renee was a buddy for a different girl. I felt that her buddy, Jessica, me, and Amanda were like pairs. We would do everything together. Amanda didn’t go this year, and it was not the same.

There’s many more people that I would talk about, but it would be like 5 pages. I am sorry if I didn’t mention someone. I want to talk about how much fun I had. My favorite thing to do at camp is staying up until 4am in the morning on the last night. We would talk and gossip
all night in the bathroom while the rest of the campers were asleep. I felt so special!

On the last day. We did a ceremony because some people in my cabin were graduating too. The buddies did a speech about every camper. Jessica did a wonderful speech about me, and I surprised her with a speech too. To the right is a video of the speeches.

Unfortunately my Camp Smiles chapter is over. This is not the end to these relationships between these amazing girls. I look at it as the next chapter of becoming true friends.

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