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My Dad

All dads are special, but my dad is very special to me. He is a funny, lay back, and smart guy.

My dad knows how to make me laugh, even if I don’t want to laugh. When he puts me to bed, it takes three times as long as my mom does it because I can’t stop laughing at him. Sometimes he even does nothing, but I am thinking about what he might do to make me laugh. The things that he does to make me laugh is so stupid, but I laugh anyway. For example, when he helps me undress, he acts like he doesn’t know how to take my clothes off because girls has some really weird clothes.

Also, my dad is a lay back guy. He will say yes to anything I ask for. When I text him “can I get these shoes”, every time he would say “k”. My dad does not communicate much at parties. He just “works” on his ipad. It drives me crazy!

Last, my dad is very smart. He can read a history page and remember everything. I hate how his mind is like that. I have to work work work to remember things for a test. But he can just look at something and remember. My dad is also very good at games. He plays poker, chess, asentences nd gin. He actually taught me how to play chess and gin, but not poker yet. He said that I have to be ” older “. But, I have been looking up videos about the basic rules.

Daddy, Happy Father’s day! I love you so much!

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