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Birth of Life

A couple who had a little daughter already decided to have another child. The day that the new baby girl was due was the happiest and the scariest day of the couple’s life.

When the mother was at birth, everything was going like normal. She called the doctor in to get ready to birth. The couple’s family was in the room getting ready to see the new member of the family. When the time had come, the mother pushed and pushed. Finally, the baby was out. However, the baby was starting to get blue. The doctor said that the baby was losing oxygen. After what seemed like forever, the doctors got the baby’s health stable. But nobody knew what was going to be in this beautiful baby’s future.

The baby girl was me actually. Who would have thought that the baby turned out to be a strong and independent person? People think that my disability confines me, but it made me the way I am today. I don’t look at my disability as an obstacle in my life, I look at it as a stool so I can see over something that I would not see if I don’t have this disability. Life means everything to me. I want to live life, not sit around feeling sorry for myself.

Maybe I had a rough beginning but look at me now. My disability doesn’t matter to me, it made me the way I am today.

3 thoughts on “Birth of Life

  1. Mine is Chace. I will be sending you something in the mail, what's your address. Trust me I'm not a scary person. I just am a little girl who is inspired by you.


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