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The Junior High Chapter Is Coming To an End

The past two years I have been in a wonderful school called McCullough Jr. High. The two years I have learned so much from my experiences while I was at McCullough. For example, I have learned how to be more independent with my school work. I would like to stay here for a year more, but high school is calling my name.

My teachers  were great at adapting to my needs. They had all of my work electronically, and email them to me. They also had me apart of the class. For example, my science teacher Mrs. Rippetoe, would always partner me up with a guy I use to like. Mrs. Archer was my adviser. She had faith in me to succeed in a regular class room. One of my study skills teachers, Mr. Robert, likes to tease me, but I know he is only doing that because he loves me. My math teacher, Mrs. Lauxman, would always be good at accommodations to my work to save me time. She also saw the real me without the disability in my eyes. My Language, Mrs. Stevens, would let me do any accommodations that I ask for. My history teacher, Mr. Robertson, had a wonderful virtual work center where he put everything that I need on there. Last, my communications teacher, Mrs. May, is very passionate about her job, which made me want to work harder.

Melody & her sons & me

Although my teachers were great, there’s a person that is my hero. Her name is Melody Montez. Melody is my school aide that helped me this past two years at McCullough. She was really hard on me at times, but when I got my heart broken, she was the one wiping my tears away. Melody was always trying to get the teachers to do things for me. She would always do what was best for me even if I didn’t like it at first. Although Melody is not coming with me to high school, she always will have a spot in my heart.

Thank you so much for being there for me. I hate to leave this school, but high school is calling my name. I love you all!

6 thoughts on “The Junior High Chapter Is Coming To an End

  1. Im a high school teacher and I wish you were at our school.You are just as important to those teachers as they are to you. And to your peers too.Everybody is a little wonky in their own way but education and imagination will soften those limits.Keep chugging and be excited for high school.Best of I really like the beautiful horse.Will it eventually be on sale?


  2. You are amazing! Keep working hard and making a difference for students with dis-ABILITIES! I am a speech pathologist and I will be sharing your blog with students and their families so they can see all of your abilities. You are a beautiful, smart, funny and very artistic! You are an inspiration to all you share yourself with. Keep it up!


  3. Hello Megan:) A colleague at school told me about your blog. I had completely forgotten you wrote one. She told me to find this post and I did. I was so touched at what you wrote. You are right. I was hard on you at times but only because I believed in you and knew you could be more independent! But I was also your biggest advocate and friend. I am so proud of you and hope your senior year is fantastic! Love and kisses, Melody Montez


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