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Becoming an Artist

I can’t use my hands at all, and so how did I do art before I got the software to let me paint with my eyes? When I was 3 my grandmother Sue Fry, put a head stick with a paint brush on my head. People thought she was crazy, but it worked.

When I was 7, I got the DynaVox with the computer ability. I was using scanning still. One day I decided to explore the possibility in my new computer. I found paint. Every computer has this basic program that lets you draw. It was hard to draw with scanning because I could only move the mouse horizontal and vertical. However, it was better than the head stick.

Lauren and Megan 

My grandmother got me ArtRage on my 10th birthday. ArtRage changed my future. ArtRage allow me to paint on the computer realisticy. My life was changed forever. This was the biggest step in my becoming an artist.

When I got pretty good, my sister Lauren Fry, made me a website because people wanted to buy my art! Thank goodness for Lauren because I have no idea how to make an amazing website. So thank you, Lauren.

Last Thursday I was on the news! The clipping
was about my art. My friends and family members were so impressed by the quality of the interview. That night, a lot of people bought my art. Even people that I didn’t know. Wow, I didn’t know that I was becoming so popular. My principal found out and put the link on my school district website. Thank you fox news for letting me have the spotlight!

I am only 14 and had so many amazing experiences. I am so lucky! 

2 thoughts on “Becoming an Artist

  1. Megan, did you have trouble getting artrage to work with your dynavox? My daughter wants to use it on her device with the eyegaze also but we can't get it to work… did dynavox know how to help you with this? ThanksMeg/ Robins Mom


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