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Attractiveness and Being Known As Not Smart

Watching, feeling, and wishing that that was you. In the lunch room I feel alone, but yet there’s hundreds of people in the room. Odd girl they keep thinking. She is mentally retarded.
 Disabled is always a mentally retardation most people think, but it is not. I don’t understand why people just look at your body and think you are mentally retarded.
Even some of my teachers sometimes think that. But why would I be in a regular class if I am retarded?

My looks effects how boys think of me. Again, they only see my wheelchair and my computer, and think I am retarded. It is hard being not attractive because boys look for a hot chick, but not a smart chick. Every day I wear makeup, but what’s the point if I am already not attractive?

Attractiveness and not being known as smart are my biggest problems in my life, but I am trying to teach people that I am just an ordinary girl.

4 thoughts on “Attractiveness and Being Known As Not Smart

  1. I have and still feel that way at times. More so when I was in high school. I have found it does get better as we get older, so hang in there.


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