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V8 Black Cherry Energy Drink

I am a typical college student. Caffeine is a must when you have to study for many hours at a time, especially those late nights when you have an exam the next day. Growing up in the 2000s, I would watch the women in my family make a pot of coffee every day. A typical cup of coffee usually contains 95 mg of caffeine. I don’t really like the taste of coffee. I do enjoy Coke in the 7.5 fl oz mini cans which contain 21 mg of caffeine. Lately, I switched to coke zero as a healthier option. However, when you have to study your brains out, you need more caffeine!!!!

Have you ever heard of the vegetable juice called V8? Well, there are ones that have a whole lot of caffeine in them!!!! My favorite one to drink is the black cherry flavor. It contains 80 mg of caffeine (the same as a cup of coffee) from its ingredients of black and green tea with vitamins C, B6, B3, and B12 giving me energy!!!

The V8 black cherry energy drink is actually more of a fruit-based drink. Having sweet potatoes, purple carrots, fruit juice, juice from apples, as well as cherries make the drink delicious!

With a whole lot of caffeine, I can get a lot of stuff done. However, with the high amount of energy, I can get jumpy. Giggles!!! It can scare some people off even, but it makes me so alert.

Containing fruits and vegetables, V8 energy drinks are a healthier option than most energy drinks such as Red Bull and Monsters which are bad for you.

As a college student, I absolutely love these V8 energy drinks. In fact, last semester was one of my best college semesters due to me being more focused. I definitely would recommend any of the V8 energy drinks if you are looking for a healthy drink to give you energy.


4 thoughts on “V8 Black Cherry Energy Drink

  1. I’m so glad you found something yummy that keeps me going!!

    Have you heard of AdvoCare Spark? They are a natural energy drink that has vitamins, minerals, amino acids and caffeine. They have a bunch of fruit based flavors!! My favorite is watermelon and Jeremy likes the fruit punch best. It’s a powder that you add to water. I discovered it a few years ago from my brother. I absolutely love it!! I buy them from my brother. It gives me the energy I need without the bad effects of coffee. I can’t drink regular coffee anymore but do have decaf and green tea.


  2. Thanks for sharing Megan. I don’t like coffee. And would love alternative to Coke that, like you said, had a lot of sugar. I drink chi-tea, but again a lot of sugar. I will have to give this a try 🙂


  3. Great story . I’m intrigued about the V8 energy drink—
    I’ve only ever added vodka to v8 and made bloody Mary’s.
    I need to drink less coffee, so I’ll try the V8 you recommended.


  4. I love coffee, but one of my other favorites is matcha. I know not everyone can deal with the taste, though. My husband describes it as like “licking grass” 😉


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