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Changing The Doctors’ Perception of Me

As I mentioned in many of my blogs, I absolutely love Morse Code! A brief summary for those who are new to following me is that I use short and long blinks to communicate when I am without my computer.

This helps me in many different situations. Yesterday I was at the doctor doing an ultrasound of my legs when they had to take my computer away from me. I could communicate via blinking in Morse Code especially because I brought my assistant who is fluent in Morse Code as well.  The tech’s and nurses’ jaws dropped in amazement. They could not believe that I am actually smart enough to know Morse Code despite having a disability.

In addition to communicating without my computer to advocate my needs, I also turned on the setting on my computer where it says every word as I type. By doing this, doctors and nurses take me more seriously and realize that I am smart. No longer are they turning their heads and talking to the person who is there next to me such as my assistants. This is due to there being no silence while I type. Having my assistant there to explain that I use my computer to communicate at first when I go into a doctor’s appointment, my assistants are trained to be in the shadows and let me talk for myself the rest of the time. When it was time to use Morse Code when I was without my computer, translation was the only job that she needed to do.

Between being fluent in Morse Code and having the computer say every word as I type makes doctors and nurses take me seriously and realize that my Cerebral Palsy doesn’t affect my cognitive ability. With the two improvements to how I can communicate with the outside world, I now can take over my doctors and health care more independently.


2 thoughts on “Changing The Doctors’ Perception of Me

  1. This is a good one! Yes, doctors tend to just make eye contact with the caregiver which is so frustrating to the patient!


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