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The New Way I Am Talking

I just wanted to share how I am talking now. The computer says every word and then it will say everything again. I absolutely love it.

Before I was using this amazing feature, I would have to type everything out before I could press “speak”. Quite often, the conversation would have gone onto a different topic by the time I would get the chance to join. By having my computer say every word as I type, people have to wait until I am done. In addition, I type pretty fast. Therefore, it sounds normal!

Saying every word as I type and saying everything again helps me talk on the phone as well. In the past, people would hang up on me while I was typing. I just type a message out before I call them that lets the other person know that I talk with a computer so that they can be patient when I am typing. But now, there is not a long silence before I speak my message. Even when I mistype, I can correct it before saying everything again. In the past, I would have my assistant or my mom call my doctors on my behalf. I can now call my doctors all by myself!!!!!

Communication has always been a struggle. I love finding new ways to improve my interactions with the outside world. Using this amazing feature, I can be the social butterfly that I am inside.😊


6 thoughts on “The New Way I Am Talking

  1. Yippee! Yippee! Yippee!! I always knew you are a social butterfly! So excited the world gets to see that beautiful side of you now too!! You are such a treasure!! I love you more!


  2. Can I share this with UX1 when we talk about eye tracking? It shows off your system so well and I like that you discussed the improvement.

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