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I am a student at the University of Houston studying Digital Media. I usually take 9 hours (3 classes at once) which is what I consider to be full-time for me due to everything taking me longer. Sometimes, I even have to finish the classwork over the summer or winter break. I am so grateful that the University lets me do that! However, I finished on time this spring semester! I can have an actual summer this year!

Last week was my last week in my dorm. I moved back in with my parents for the summer last Sunday! Even though I am not in school this summer, I have a laundry list of stuff I want to accomplish. The number one task I am looking forward to do is blogging a lot and growing my content. My dream is to be a professional blogger! It will start this summer now that I actually have time to write. Yay!

The next task that I am going to do is to get into painting again. I love painting! I already have a few ideas of what I am going to paint. I am planning on going over to my grandma’s a lot and paint together. She has been my idol when it comes to art.

This summer is also a great time for me to start eating healthy and working out. At my college dorm, I usually don’t cook. I usually have premade meals that are frozen to just be warmed up in the microwave. For example, I ate Lasagna a lot. Or I would go to the cafeteria. Now that I have an actual kitchen, I can make meals! In addition to eating healthy, I will also spend a lot of time in the pool working out!

The next task I will be starting to look into is getting a new wheelchair. I usually have my parents do it for me. However, I will be learning how to do it on my own.

While I do all of that, I will also be swiping on dating apps! I have time now that I am out of school to start looking again. My favorite app to use is Hinge! Giggles.

This summer will be busy even though I am not in school! I look forward to getting a lot of stuff done while I put on my sunglasses and have fun. I am so excited!

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