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Who Woulda Thought

Every year I donate a painting towards my horse therapy SIRE,  to give back because they do so much for me. I started donating paintings three years ago. The first painting sold for about $7500. I was so proud of myself. My friends and family were shocked by the amount. The head of the horse therapy thanked me. I was so happy to give back.

Next year I painted another painting to donate. All of my friends and family told me to don’t expect the same amount of money. Well, they were wrong! It went for $23500! We were all shocked by then. I got overwhelmed by the amount that year. In fact, I was telling my mother I was “hot”. But I meant that I was ( temperature ) hot. So I took a walk.

Last Saturday I donated two paintings. My friends and family again said to don’t expect the amount of money too. But, guess what! They were wrong again! The two paintings combined went for $55000! Wow!

So I decided to take this summer to really work on my Art. This could be my career in my life. 3 people are paying me to do a painting for them. This is my waking call to work work work on my Art to make a living.

Who knows, I could be a really famous artist and it all started with SIRE.

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