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Dating Dilemmas Continues…

I dated a guy who is like me. He uses a DynaVox too but not as well as me. We have been on dates. You know how children think that they’re “dating”. Well, it was the same thing. So we would go out with his aides. Like it was for real. And we always would go to a video game place because he loves loves loves them. And I, of course, hated them. But I would always go because he was my “boyfriend”. He didn’t talk at all because he didn’t know how to. So his aides would talk for him 99% of the time. Which is totally the opposite of me. I mean, would you want your aides talk to your boyfriend or girlfriend for you? I know that he has something in him that is waiting to get out.  It is so frustrating getting to know someone that can’t communication.  Especially if they are so darn cute!

When I went out with him, I would want to kiss. But we couldn’t because we are in chairs and can not move. I was having trouble with this because I am an ordinary girl, and it is normal human actions. I watch my parents kiss, and I watch tv.

Love is an amazing thing and I want to feel loved like anybody else

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