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Lucky Enough Now

     I am so lucky! People saw how smart I was at an early age. When I was four, I got my first device to talk. I remember that I first said ” Thank-you “. I was saying thank-you to the people that got me a voice. I was using 2 head switches to use the device. We were so happy to have, but it took forever to type and it was a work out. The first switch would scan, and the other switch would select. Imagine if you were shaking your head for five minutes just to say a sentence.
     However, when I was about nine, I got the Eyemax. It opened my doors to the world. I was improving in school, starting to have friends, and talking in full sentences. My teachers were so surprised how well I was keeping up with the class. My family and friends was so proud of me, and that helped me to motivate me to work as hard as I can. Now I want to help people like me to find their voice. There is not a book or a class for this. My mom did not know about all these devices. She talked to about a hundred people before she got my first device. It did not happen overnight. In the future, I want to help people find their voice.

I am so lucky, and I want to help people to be lucky too.

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