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Wondering About a Better Thing

Have you ever wonder if you can do better? Or have something better to help you? Well, I wonder if there is a better device for me to talk. Don’t get me wrong, I can talk just fine with the DynaVox. But I feel like I am slow talking to people. For an example, when I talk to my friends, they have to wait for me to type. Often, they would start a new conversation. When I have my computer say what I want to say to them, they forgot when we were talking about.

I don’t know what the device is, but I know that it is out there somewhere.

One thought on “Wondering About a Better Thing

  1. Hi Megan, I found your blog through the Dynavox facebook page. I wanted to send you a quick message regarding communication devices. I'm a special education teacher and I work with students who use AAC devices to communicate. Three of my students use a device that is from the Prenke-Romich company. The device is called an ECO2. All three of the students started with the Dynavox and we switched them to Prenke-Romich devices a few years ago. It was life changing for them. If you want more information on another amazing man who uses AAC; google “Chris Klein Michigan”. Chris has CP and uses his foot to communicate. Just wanted to send you this information and I think your blog is great. Take care.


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