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Fitbit – Charge 5

Why do I have a fitness watch such as the Fitbit charge 5 if I can not really work out in a typical way by walking or running? Every movement you make counts as steps. The Fitbit also can track your active zones which is any activity you have based on your heart rate including fat burning zones, cardio zones, and peak zones.  Whether I am doing PT, horseback riding, or even swimming, it tracks my steps as movement. 
Having a physical disability such as Cerebral Palsy, I have involuntary movements due to my having increased muscle tone leading to my body feeling really stiff. The Fitbit can track my jerky movements throughout the day. This can be really helpful in letting the doctors know how to adjust my medication. 
My favorite feature of this fitness watch would have to be the capability of knowing how long I have slept for. Tracking my heart rate and movements, it provides me with sleep stages. These sleep stages are rem, light sleep, and deep sleep. Being a night owl, I want to ensure that I am getting enough sleep. Knowing how long, I slept can easily plan my sleep schedule. 
The Fitbit is a fantastic tool to help you take charge of your health. I absolutely would recommend it. 
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2 thoughts on “Fitbit – Charge 5

  1. This is such helpful information for parents and caregivers of other young people with movement disorders. Thank you Megan for sharing!

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