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Strapped into a chair or stuck on the couch while somebody is waiting at the front door is a nightmare while having a disability. With Ring, you never will have to get somebody else to answer your front door again. 
Ring is a doorbell that connects to the app. The doorbell will connect through your home WiFi to directly notify your phone, tablets, and computers when somebody rings your doorbell. 
Once your doorbell has been rung, you can view a live stream video of who is at your front door. It also gives you the option of using your microphone on your devices to talk with your visitors. 
The cool gadget keeps an eye out for your packages as well. There is motion detection letting you know that somebody came even if the doorbell did not ring. 
Having Ring, you feel more in control of your home. Even with a disability, you are ABLE to answer your front door.  

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