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A Long Road To Love

What is love? Is it even real? Or does it only exist in movies and books? Some say when you meet the one, you will know. For me, the hunt started in kindergarten. Yes, I was always boy crazy. I am not going to lie about that because it is so true. All through elementary school to now I had a lot of crushes.

In elementary school, I had a lot of little boyfriends. One day, it was a field day at my school. All the parents were helping out with the games. I decided to ask my dad to come out to help, but I made the mistake of asking my dad not embarrass me because my boyfriend was there. When I came out on the field, there was my dad with a big fuzzy wig calling “Megan, I am over here “. I just turned around and drove the other way. However, my dad found my boyfriend and took a picture of him and my dad. Really? So long to that boyfriend!

Some guys are clueless. They think I can’t handle a real relationship with them. Most guys see my disorder first and not my true person that I am. Or, they are too scared of what their friends would say if they knew he was seeing a disabled girl. Also, if it is not that, most guys only can think of me as a friend. However, I am trying to change their minds by being social and dressing up nice, but it is just not working.

I had a lot of disappointments and broken hearts, but I can’t stop. I know there’s a guy that is for me out there. I might not meet him in ten or fifteen years. But, I will find him and he will love me for who I am.

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